All About Houseplants

I am starting to get more and more plant questions on Instagram, so I thought I would do a blog post about it! If you had told me I would ever sprout a green thumb, I would have laughed in your face. As a person who used to kill everything, the fact that I now have 40+ houseplants is hysterical.

In short, I started experimenting and I have just fallen in love with them. Although I get annoyed when people try to make tiny thing into a sermon illustration, you can’t help it here. How amazing that the Lord could have made this Earth black and white, yet He chose to gift us with the most beautiful, diverse, masterful creation? 





This Moon Valley plant is a perfect example… Those leaves feel exactly how you think they would. Each little bump and groove is more space for the plant to absorb and create energy.

Initially, I appreciated the warmth and decoration plants brought to my space. That has not changed, but more than anything, now I love to watch these plants GROW. They are all unique, requiring different elements to thrive. It’s my job to figure out what those are, and I am forever moving, repositioning, and repotting. Keeping a mother plant alive is awesome, but once I figured out how to propagate (or ‘grow new plants from the mother plant’) I was completely hooked. IMG_7754


Andrew told me about his coworker who has a greenhouse off her kitchen. I’ve decided this might be my heaven on earth. Learning which shoots will root in water versus soil, how long this process takes for different plants, and when to repot… It has been my self-driven schoolwork for the last year.


This fiddle leaf fig has taken awhile to get started, but I am proud of each and every leaf. The big one on the top right broke off my big tree last year, and I thought “what’s the worst that could happen?” Now I have a happy, new guy bringing some light to my kitchen!

IMG_7991 These bromeliads were on the Lowe’s clearance rack two years ago… and only about 6 inches tall. How amazing that with a little TLC they have blossomed into great porch decorations (and gone through 3 pots!)

It’s not always pretty, and I have become more than okay with that. This fittonia may or may not make it… Andrew is pretty used to coming home to “dead sticks stuck in the dirt”, as he says.

If you kill things but want to love this, don’t worry. Keep trying and paying attention and researching. It worked for me. If you’re just getting started or thinking about it, please know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money.  I just started a new guy this morning, and the whole venture cost me less than $5.


I’m not great at succulents. I have a tendency to overwater them. So, I’m trying again! I loved this little cactus because the babies start off as little, round balls!

I found a cute bowl at Goodwill for $1 (half off day!), then drilled a drainage hole. You can make anything into a flower pot – it just has to have a way to drain. My little cactus was $3.50 at Lowe’s. IMG_7968IMG_7971IMG_7990

This does not happen overnight. I have been growing, collecting, killing, and learning for two years now.

My next project is to finish the guestroom (finally). I’m working on a piece with plants, of course, to go over the bed! It involves some “locally grown” Tennessee driftwood 🙂 I’m also going to do a post soon about how to get started propagating. Stay tuned!

Do you have a green thumb? 


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