Guest Room Update: Part One

Hi everyone!

Hope your week is off to a great start. My kids are rocking strep throat and croup, so we’re just having buckets of fun over here in pajama-land!

I wanted to share the guest room I have been working on! We started re-doing it in January on a whim. Literally, I was sitting on the couch having a normal Wednesday night and decided to pick up a paintbrush/ruin our quiet evening. (#standard) Since then, this has been a slow, low pressure, “when I get to it” project I piddled with when we weren’t doing anything else around the house.


When we moved in, 2016: Your basic, square, two-window room. Also known as the only room in the house that didn’t have gold trim.


We put our queen bed in the guest room initially so that we could work on the master bedroom.

Because I took my time with this project, I was able to experiment with a few DIYs:

  • Vintage bed
  • Sixteen foot curtain rod
  • Driftwood focal point

I’m going to split this post up into 3 series based on those projects. (But don’t worry! You’ll see before and after pictures the whole way through!)

The Vintage Bed

When looking for inspiration, I always check As soon as I came across this navy cannonball bed, I thought “that’s it!”


It took a few months, but you better believe I did a happy dance when I found this bed on Facebook marketplace!


Chipped teal paint, terrible yellow stencilwork, and tall enough for a midget? PERFECT! (That was Andrew’s description 😉 ) He saw nothing but work, but I had the vision. When Mama gets #thevision, you might as well just hold on for the ride. He’s learning.

I knew we had to do something about the height. So, I opted for attaching bun feet to the bottoms of all four posters.


Lowe’s: Portsmouth Bun Foot (about $7/ea)

Note: Although it solved the height issue, attaching the feet to the posters in a stable fashion would not have been possible with those tiny screw bolts you see in the picture. My handy hubs used 6 inch washer head screws to make sure they would not pop off if the bed shifted.

Next up – sand and paint! As it turned out, this bed had already been painted about 4 times. So much fuel for Andrew’s fire that this was a terrible project – haha! Sanding that off smoothly took quite a bit of time. By the time we were done, Mrs. Impatience (that’s me) was DYING to get a coat of paint on that bad boy. I opted for spray paint and settled on Valspar Deep Twilight.


Alright guys! Ready to see what I’m workin’ with today?


Awhile ago I mentioned that I really love some of the boho vibes you see floating around social media, but the thought of decorating my whole house like that gives me chest pain. So, I confined my boho-est of bohos to a bedroom!



Those monstera/philodendron drapes are from the outdoor section of! I think they set the tone for the room, and I love the green and navy combo! Below is a closer look at how we used those bun feet to add height to the low, vintage bed.


What do you think so far? Stay tuned and I’ll give you all the juicy details of how to DIY that big curtain rod, how I came up with the driftwood idea, and sources for the décor!

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