Guest Room Update: Part Two

I gave you the rundown on the antique cannonball bed, so let’s talk about that back wall – specifically, the curtain rod!


How to Build a Curtain Rod of Any Length

When redesigning the room, I knew I wanted to turn the bed so it sat between the windows. I wanted to create a cohesive wall and something a little different, so I jumped on this inspiration picture:


(I can’t find this pic to source! If anyone knows, please pass along the info and I’ll fix it ASAP)

I loved how the long curtain rod drew the room together and played with symmetry in the best way! So, I set my mind on figuring out how to make that happen.

What you need:

  • Dowel rod (at least 1.5 inches thick)
  • Decorative end caps
  • Dowel screws
  • Wall braces
  • Wood filler 
  • Stain color of your choice
  •  Polyurethane 
  • Two people
  • A plan to get a very long rod into the space where you want it. (Trust me that you need a plan to get a very long piece of wood up two flights of stairs and around many corners 😉 ) 

Simply measure the length of the wall and decide how much space you want your curtain rod + end caps to take. I used two 8 foot rods and end caps about 4 inches long/ea.  I left 1.5 inches between the side walls and the ends of the caps.

Attach dowel rods together using dowel screws. This will be wobbly, so be sure you have a flat place you can lay it down. This is where a second set of hands comes in “handy” – you need a lot of support in order to not strain the joints.

Drill holes in the end of the rod (now one piece) for the end caps. Don’t attach these yet – you still have to slide your curtain onto the rod! Lesson learned the hard way there…

Use the wood filler to fill the spaces between the joints. This may take more than one layer.


While the wood filler is drying, stain your end caps and wall braces.

When the filler is dry, sand the rough edges and stain the rod; when dry, put a coat of polyurethane on all the pieces to give them some seal and shine.

Measure and mount the wall braces. We used a total of six braces. You want to make sure there is support under each of the joints between the dowel rods; I added an extra on the end because I wanted more static curtains (as opposed to those you could drag along the whole rod).





Now it’s time to put your curtain on and make sure everything hangs how you want it. Once you’re satisfied with that, simply put the whole kit and caboodle on the wall! Screw in your stained end caps, and you’re done!


We do 95% of our renovating at night after the kids go to bed. We turned around this particular night to find our son, Mac, standing in the doorway! Apparently he woke up thirsty and decided to take matters into his own hands!



You can still see the joints at eye level, but from the floor (where most people walk ;)) there is no visible line. More wood filler and glue can solve this problem if it bothers you.


You can adapt this project to any space! You could cut longer dowel rods to make your own shorter curtain rods, or join as many dowel rods as you like to create one big rod. We purchased all of the supplies at our local Lowe’s.

Stay tuned for more pictures and all the details for that driftwood piece! Thanks so much for following along!


2 thoughts on “Guest Room Update: Part Two

  1. Janice says:

    Beautiful room, wish it were mine!
    Nellie, you are so lucky to have a patient and understanding Man!
    God bless you and your beautiful family!
    Love Janice


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