Fall Updates!

Oh man, where has the time gone?! It has been a busy month+, and I feel like we need a round of catch-up! I’m going to let the pictures do the talking!

We are still tinkering with the renovations! Most recently Andrew finished our main staircase. Per usual, I dreamt it up and he made it happen 🙂 Also per usual, renovating a 40 year old house is never as easy as you think it will be, and he had to tear everything out and start from the stringers. This was not an easy project at all, and I am so proud of the beautiful job he did.


We have been doing a lot of traveling! In August we were able to visit the Buffalo Trace Distillery and the newly renovated Castle & Key. It was a once in a lifetime experience as we were able to help choose a Weller barrel, and we had such an awesome time with Andrew’s aunt and friends! The kids and I visited my parents’ new house on the hill in North Carolina… As of two weeks ago, all of the construction is complete and they are moving things in! I am going to do a full blog post about their home with good pictures when we visit next time – I can’t squeeze all the good stuff in one post!


IMG_8511Most recently, we got back from our annual trip to Orange Beach! I had been looking forward to the OB trip all summer, and it did not disappoint. My parents were able to fly down for a few days, and let’s just say the grandkids did not lack for attention!


I am still growing things and thrifting away the days! Andrew and I have managed to sneak in a few date nights. One of our most recent outings has been to Homestead Manor in Thompson’s Station – an old farmhouse converted into a restaurant. The food was delicious and they have converted what looks like an old greenhouse into a bar! Very cool.


My Mac turned FOUR. He is at such a fun age right now… he is adventurous and smart. I am really proud to be his mom. I asked what he wanted for a birthday party, and he said “The Monkey’s Treehouse, cheese pizza, and racecars.” So that’s exactly what we did 🙂


Between football and teeball and “big church” for Mac, we are just having a big ole time over here in Music City.


So, what’s next, you ask? I am currently digging out all of my fall décor and making our new to-do lists. The activities list includes a “Brunch and Blooms” I am hosting (so girly and fun! I will do a separate post with these party details!), working PRN, family birthdays and visits, church stuff, Bible Study Fellowship, and hosting the neighborhood fall festival later this month. The renovations list includes painting the front door (do it already and quit talking about it, Neely), fall gardening to prepare for next spring, and … finishing the kitchen! WHOA. That feels big right now, and it probably won’t be done until Christmas. I’ll share some of my inspirations and ideas soon.


Y’all have stuck with me this long, so resettle and hang on for the ride! It is sure to be a good one!

2 thoughts on “Fall Updates!

  1. Debbie Thompson says:

    Hey Neely! Wonderful pics and great updates! Good to hear from you. Glad for your happy and fun summer.
    Your kids are adorable and Mac looks very impressive in his ball uniform. 😃


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