Brunch n’ Blooms

This past weekend, I hosted a little get together for the girls in my Sunday School class! When choosing the theme, I knew I wanted to do something girly… but that also felt like a treat. I had the idea to put together a brunch / flower arranging party!

Just like the invite says, the girls each brought a brunch dish or drink to share… and I provided all of the flowers and arranging supplies! I suppose I could have cooked, but it was fun to have a mix of different foods and gave me room to focus more on the flowers.


I picked up all of the flowers and greenery at Trader Joe’s. I actually went by twice during the week before the party just to make sure I got a good quality and variety. I gathered a big bunch of stems and some pinecones from my yard as well.


First, we sat down to a delicious meal – the girls really outdid themselves in the food and drink department… all the girly brunch goodness you could ever want.


I went with a really simple table setting… a little bit classic with the linen napkins and white dished, but unique with the stems and utensil placements. It was so much fun to pull all of my stuff out now that the house is decorated, and I have space to entertain.


After an hour or so of catching up and swapping stories, it was time to arrange some flowers! I picked up most of the vases at Goodwill over the past few weeks. We drew numbers out of a bowl to select who would choose their vase and go first. The girls made one large arrangement for themselves, and then they made a smaller arrangement in a Ball mason jar to give away… friend, coworker, family, neighbor, etc. of their choice.



I am by no means an expert at arranging flowers, but I have made it a point over this past calendar year to learn more about it. I gave the gals a few tips about greenery, building a grid to stabilize the flowers, how to make them live longer, etc… and they went to work!





And a good time was had by all. Loved spending some time with these girls. Our lives rarely intersect apart from church sometimes it seems. Newborn babies, busy work schedules, carting kids back and forth… these are some smart, capable, strong women! Now it’s our turn to babysit while the husbands have fun… but I doubt they will be arranging flowers.

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