12 Days of Blogmas: Decking the Halls

I have loved seeing everyone’s Christmas decorations already this year! I pulled out my stuff on Black Friday… I could not stand to wait another day. I’m still piddling around with a few little things, but for the most part our halls are decked and ready to go!

It’s hard not to want to buy every pretty thing put out on the shelves for Christmas time, right? One way I prevent spending unnecessary dollars around the holidays is to buy Christmas decorations all year long. That’s not to say I don’t shop around for a great garland or spool of ribbon if I need it for a specific project, but in general I *try* not to impulse buy. 


You would not believe the number of decorations I pulled out of storage this year that had a Goodwill tag. I had more new-to-me Christmas items than I knew what to do with! None of which I paid more than 2 or 3 dollars for – but only because I was on the lookout and willing to buy a Christmas tree or a string of twinkly lights in May.  



Why am I telling you this? Sometimes our social situations, media, advertising, etc. trick us into believing that decorating is a competition. We compare our spaces to what we see around us and feel the uncomfortable urge to spend money we don’t have to convince the world that we are measuring up. (Just me? No, I didn’t think so.) I love pretty things as much as the next person, but I’m not willing to put my heart or my pocketbook in that situation. So, I plan ahead.


I’m didn’t write this blog post or take these pictures to add to the chaotic noise of “look at all the pretty things I put together, don’t you wish you could be like me, want to compete?” I did it for the opposite reason. Proverbs says that a wise woman plans ahead, considers a field before buying it, is diligent in her pursuits. Think I’m extrapolating that too far by applying it to Christmas decorations? Hmmm… Not if spending extra money on impulse purchases is going to put stress on our holiday gift giving, stress on marital discussions about finances, or takes money away from charitable giving. For MY situation, being wise about how I spend money to decorate our home is a way I can bless my family (because let’s be honest, I’m going to decorate our home as long as there is air in my lungs).


If you’re reading this and feeling guilty about too many impulse purchases this year for the wrong reasons, you can stop now 🙂 Realize it for what it is, and make a plan to do better next year. Make a special trip to Home Goods after Christmas to check out that clearance aisle! This information is not for everyone… Maybe budgeting and planning for new decorations in December is how you celebrate! Awesome! But be intentional about it, and don’t get sucked into the reactivity and impulsiveness our world praises. 


This is all about controlling your money and not letting your money control you. For me, thrifting is a great way to be in control. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing you have been a good steward of your assets. For my Nashville friends, a quick plug here: I have a way for you to be a participant in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program – FOR FREE! – starting January 6th. It’s called Momentum, and you are invited! Shoot me an email at refiningcotten@gmail.com if you are interested!

Stay tuned and see how I upcycled these thrifted wreaths for window décor!

IMG_1087Thanks for following along!

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