12 Days of Blogmas: Small Business Gift Guide

In addition to the Amazon gift guides for this year, I wanted to show love to some of the women I know who are doing life PLUS running a small business! If you are still Christmas shopping, check out their feeds and websites for some beautiful and creative ideas. Also, be sure to read through the descriptions below for exclusive discount codes!

Notes: I chose not to include some of the more common small business products a lot of us are exposed to in order to highlight some of the products in my life you may not otherwise have access or exposure to. Also, all of these photos are taken from the owner’s webpage or social media. I do not own the rights to any of them and am using them with the artist’s permission. 

For Jewelry: 

First up is my local designer friend, Lilli Dokken. Her jewelry collections are all things feminine, glamorous, and festive. Lillian puts so much thought and time into each stone, clasp, and connection. Her pieces are handmade with love for the jewelry and her customers! Link here. 

Way back in the day, I fell in love with thrifting and vintage clothing. It just so happens that one of the gals who helped me do this is Jentine. She is a vintage GURU, y’all. Apparently Jentine’s friends call her “Yen”. Because I have followed her progress through years of adventures with clothes, family, and shop ownership, I called her Yen when I messaged her to ask about featuring her shop on this post. I hope this means we’re friends now, but realize I may have freaked her out. Seriously, though 🙂 Check out Yen’s Etsy shop “The Edit Vintage” for curated finds, follow her on IG at @shoptheedit, and learn her stylish ways, young grasshopper.   

For Vinyl Monogramming:

Depending on where you live and what you need personalized, I “have a girl” 🙂  First up is Hailey Jacobs with #LouisianaLiving Designs! You can find her on Facebook right here. She was a champ when helping design Mac’s 4th birthday shirt (even though I changed my mind about 462 times!)  Hailey is great with child at the moment and will be taking orders again at the start of the new year!

Heather Noble is a friend and neighbor here in Nashville! Our boys have been in preschool together and remained buds! I love this sweet girl’s Christmas set in Carter and Rae Boutique, Heather’s Etsy shop named after her two kiddos. BONUS: Mention COTTENBLOG when you place an order with Heather for an extra 10% off Dec.8-15th!

Last but not least is a high school friend, Lindsey Waldin. She owns Loray Farm Designs in Gastonia, NC and loves to create unique pieces! I love her personalized rain jackets and these festive carrying cases! If you choose to place an order with Lindsey, just mention this blog post in the comments for an additional 20% off your order!

For the Home:

I mentioned Ashley Clark on my Instastories last week, and I wanted to feature her again here. She makes beautiful marble and gilded Christmas ornaments – perfect for stocking stuffers or for a treat-yoself moment! Ashley and her husband, Adam, are using these funds to “bring home Baby Clark” in 2019! You can find her at @probablyashleyclark on IG!

As someone who is completely baking-impaired, I am in awe of my friend Jessica. I would almost consider moving back to Chattanooga so I could eat her desserts. If you are in the Hamilton Country area, she is taking custom baking orders for the holidays! You can find her here at Sweet Southern Treats

For the Artist:

It was hard to narrow down this category, y’all. I have some crazy-talented friends.

First up is my Nashville and church friend, Becca Wildsmith. I don’t know a lot about art technically speaking, but something about Becca’s paintings make. me. swoon. I’m fairly certain she is going to be in charge of wallpapering Heaven. Check her out here. And best news ever – she is currently having a studio sale

Caroline, a friend from my hometown, paints the most beautiful animal portraits I think I have ever seen. They are detailed, and huge, and so precise. She takes custom requests for pet portraits, and I cannot think of anything more 1) southern or 2) more well done. Find her here, and Caroline has offered free shipping when you use code INSTASHIP!

Last but not least is my college friend, Emily Jamison. She and her beautiful family live in Asheville, NC. I don’t know how she does it, but in the middle of raising what seems like 11 children, Emily still makes time to push beautiful artwork into this world. She is available for commissioned work, and you can find her here.  

I hope you will take some time to peruse what these boss ladies have to offer. I have watched both of my parents build small businesses from the ground up, and I am inspired, not only by the products each of these women is pushing into their space, but also by their creativity and determination!

Happy shopping, everyone!

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