12 Days of Blogmas: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

It’s a good thing I wrote down some thoughts about perspective a few days ago… my daughter currently has croup and I was awake at 5-am before an all-day roadtrip because my dog ate another pup’s food at family dinner yesterday… let’s just say I’m going to be spending my Christmas money to get our carpets cleaned.

Well, folks, this is it! The 12th and final day of Blogmas for 2018. I have a had a good time putting this series together, and I hope you’ve found something to make you smile, ponder, or even purchase along the way! Hearing how you guys use and enjoy the information here absolutely makes my day.

Our Tennessee Christmas has been wonderful. I hosted family dinner this past week, and all went well.

We were able to spend this past weekend with my husband’s family. I always love being at my in-laws overnight at Christmas. It’s cozy and perfect.

We are here to spend Christmas Day with my family in North Carolina. My mother is masterful at decking the halls, so I had to share a few pictures…

Isn’t that beautiful? Taught me everything I know 😉 I hope you are able to spend a few quiet somewhere cozy over the next few days. Remember that every time you feel that sense of joy and love, it is because of Jesus. He is the giver of ALL good things, and we are freely given the gift of His life.

If you find yourself struggling to find “the good things” this year, I want to encourage you that they are there… to look hard and look again. When you find “it” (be it the smallest good thing) don’t let go. Choosing joy in the midst of struggle is no small feat. The Word says that the joy of the Lord is strength, and strength for a new year is a blessing. If you still can’t think of anything, I’ll loan out this picture if Natalie with her new purse, bracelets, play lipstick, and cell phone.

(She is such a girly girl and I am LOVING it!)

Stay tuned to the blog throughout the new year. I’ll be sharing some personal goals soon as well as a kitchen reno!

Merriest Christmas from my family to yours!

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