Closet Makeover: The First Project of 2019

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope you are fully recovered from the holidays and knocking out your resolutions like a boss. We have been taking it relatively easy since coming back from North Carolina, and I have enjoyed every peaceful, easy minute! Two of my more immediate post-holiday goals were 1) Complete a round of Whole 30 during the month of January and 2) Give my sad, dark, cramped closet a good makeover! I was so tired of things piling up on the floor… does having a chaotic, messy closet make anyone else feel claustrophobic and unsettled?

We didn’t paint or change anything to this space when we moved in… I would say “we should have”, but I don’t even think I had the brain space to think about a simple closet with all the other projects we had looming.
If you remember from 2016, most of the lights in our home were those 11 inch square inset, industrial fixtures. Gold paint and brown trim? Check and #YUCK.

So, I pulled E V E R Y T H I N G out and stored it in the guest room while Andrew helped me patch the walls, paint, clean, move furniture, and exchange the light fixture. I was brutal in my decisions about what went back into my closet, and I would be embarrassed to admit how many items went to the thriftstore. (How do you know if you’re a hoarder? Asking for a friend.)

I really wanted this to be a quick project, so I was very decisive about the choices required to finish it. Without a lot of shopping around, I ordered a new light from Wayfair, decided to move the armoire from our bedroom into the closet for a more cohesive storage, and chose a can of paint from our supply in the garage. I suppose I could have belabored the process, but I didn’t care to dress out of that guestroom hot mess for any length of time.

The star of the show!

This chandelier is all kinds of girly, prissy goodness. It brightened the space dramatically.

I rearranged the shelving, purchased baskets for lingerie and tanktops, and generally gave every item a home. About the baskets… I intentionally bought them small. I am one of the people in this world who will “take up as much space as I’m given”, and I like the idea of only having space for what is truly needed.

I lit this candle for pictures, but I leave the top off even when it’s not lit because it makes the whole space smell wonderful! I have loved Voluspa candles for years, and this Bourbon Vanille was a gift from my mom.

One of the best purchases I made to finish this space was an over-the-door jewelry organizer! Having all of my pieces hanging up where I can see them is amazing! I have worn many things over the last few weeks I had forgotten were even in my closet.

I can honestly say that this space has been as clean as it was in these pictures for the last two weeks. There is room to move, a place for everything, and bright light to see what I’m doing. I absolutely love it.

Product details linked here:

  • Chandelier
  • Baskets
  • Rug
  • Jewelry Organizer (I got this during one of those flash Amazon sales!)
  • Candle
  • Paint – Behr Marquee in Mission White (I painted the ceiling, walls, and trim all the same color. Remember, easy and decisive!)

I would love to know what you’re up to for the new year! Resolutions past, present, kept or not! I am halfway through Whole 30… maybe a post about that to come!

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