Modern Lavender Nursery

Anna James is here!

There are so many things to say about her birth, her sweet little self, and the adjustment of having a third baby… I could probably write ten blog posts on just those things. But instead, I wanted to share her nursery!

Like always, I used a combination of new and old. There are sentimental things I incorporated along with new pieces from places like Pottery Barn and TJ Maxx to pull the space together.

The first time putting it all together with Mom…

Disclaimer: You may notice some inconsistencies in the pictures below. Decorating is a work in progress! A few things changed along the way, but you get the idea.

We repainted the trim and patched the walls before I started decorating. I knew I wanted a little bit of color, but nothing too loud. I started with lavender and jumped into the watercolor boat.

I bought a rug that worked well in the room, but getting it to lay flat on our carpet proved to be a nightmare. After trying about 7 different things and finding 27 new grey hairs, I gave up in the name of function.

I’ve since gotten glider cushions made for the rocker. They are a light grey, thatched almost-tweed. We’ve spent many hours singing and rocking there already.

Looks just like her big sister!

Anna James is 7 weeks old now, and she just started smiling. She is a quiet, happy baby overall; I can’t imagine the party without her. To anyone reading who has sent meals, come to visit, changed a diaper, played with my big kids, or just sent an encouraging text – thank you! We are loving life and grateful for the village it takes to do this well.

Some days are like this…

But there’s also a WHOLE lot of this 😉

Pictures taken by the talented Blair Wheeler Photography in Nashville, TN.

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