Thrift Q & A

"Why do you thrift?","What made you start thrifting?", and "Do you thrift everything?... I get these three specific questions a lot, so I thought I'd give you guys some formal answers! Also, almost everything you see in the pictures below is thrifted. Let's get started... Why did I start thrifting? Out of necessity! I love to shop and … Continue reading Thrift Q & A

From Granny to Great!

I love the South. (See that capital letter S?) However, fashion here is a little more rigid than a lot of places in the country. It's sometimes hard to get away from skinny jeans and Michael Kors purses (Those are not terrible things. Everyone, breathe.) I wanted to show you how much fun it can be to play with the thrift store clothing that scares everyone away! From "Granny … Continue reading From Granny to Great!

Feed Me.

The home inspection is complete (and went relatively well!!). We are now in the process of negotiating those details, and even closer to an actual move. So, of course, my mind immediately runs 1,000 mph figuring out when I get to pick up my first paint brush/demolish something. The dining room of this new house … Continue reading Feed Me.


Oversized, reversible, printed, thrifted vest. Sounds like a nightmare, right? When I first pulled it (and the paired polyester, elastic-waist, black pants) off the rack at Goodwill a few years ago, guess where my mind went? That's right. Sassy, sarcastic, perpetually vested Dorothy Zbornak from the Golden Girls. I giggled at the mental picture and tossed in my cart because (repeat after … Continue reading Workhorse.