Before & After: A Full Home Progress Update

We moved into this new house last June and promptly started renovating everything in July. We have been here now for 9 months, completed a ton of projects, and are still plugging along. Overall the experience has been largely positive. I understand that DIY is not for everyone, but Andrew and I are having a great time working… Continue reading Before & After: A Full Home Progress Update

The Bunny Garden: A Nursery for Natalie

Happy 2017, y’all! We are in fully baby-prep mode around the Cotten house these days. Our “big” projects are finished… I am putting the final touches on decorating what we have in place… AND the nursery is done! No one tell my children that the first child’s nursery was fully completed three months before he… Continue reading The Bunny Garden: A Nursery for Natalie

Painting Hallways & Reaping Contentment.

Oh-my-lanta… It has been a busy two weeks. Andrew has been busy on call with a bunch of screaming, laboring women. I bit off a big chunk of writing work and literally have been burning the sunrise and midnight oil trying to get caught up. My mom’s 60th birthday is on Labor Day this year, and my parents are flying… Continue reading Painting Hallways & Reaping Contentment.